Clare Breen
Yellow Brick, Eptapirgiou 7
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Clare Breen obtained a BA in Fine Art in Dublin in 2011 and an MA in Education in the Arts at the Piet Zwart Insititute in Rotterdam in 2016. She is currently a member of the documenta14 chorus and an enthusiastic and messy cook – cooking and eating together is always fundamental to her practice.

Clare Breen an Irish artist, living in Greece and working with Vasiliki Sifostratoudaki’s project space Yellow Brick. In her current project, the Breadfellows' Chats, ceramics are produced during conversations with artists, curators, arts educators, historians, conservators and children. Most recently many of these are part of the documenta 14 chorus.

"Shaping clay is a satisfying, tangible, physical exercise and a great material for anyone to work with in articulating abstract ideas. It can grow and expand in an extremely malleable way and when a shape becomes unsustainable, it can be easily squashed back together and you can start again. My work as an artist is located somewhere between making art and having conversations about the making of art. It insists on artistic practice as a way of moving through the world and developing modes of interaction with it. With the clay I make ceramics to be used to share a meal, I call these ceramics companions.
Produced during the focused intimacy of a conversation about practice, companions are transitional objects, they are functional yet also embody a didactic and a convivial potential – to be used to share a meal. The aim of the Breadfellows’ Chats is to facilitate the development an intimate space to talk about making artwork."