Theo Prodromidis 'Love will tear us apart again'
Cinemarian, Gennaiou Kolokotroni 42, 11741, Athens
Theo addressed the much debated relationship of contemporary art with the cinematic and of cinema with visuality as he understands it through his own evolving interdisciplinary practice and his experimentation with fiction as an artform. Throughout the presentation he explored the architectural operation of narrativity on a page, a screen and in a screening room. The workshop began with a visit to a neighbouring bookbinder 'Duende Fine Bindings' and Ioanna Gerakidi concluded the meeting with a reading.
Theo Prodromidis. Lives and works in Athens. His practice includes film, photography and performance, which combines historical research, fiction and documentary elements and induces a variety of associations by critically examining the relationships and contemporary operations of architecture, the philosophical discourse, the modernist and other avant-gardes, auteur cinema and devised theater techniques, amongst others. A practice that develops a Logos which positions the above research and its political connotations inside the aesthetic realm.