Vasilis Papageorgiou
At the studio
Chalkidonos 58, 115 27

Vasilis Papageorgiou’s studio is in constant flux between the intimate and the public place, since it is also used as the exhibition space for Enterprise Projects. For open form, Vasilis brings out from the storage of his studio ‘Somebody has to do it’, 2016 and reinstalls it in the space it was first conceived, inviting the public to interact with it for the first time. ‘Somebody has to do it’ is a large scale installation that was exhibited for his first solo show at Elika Gallery in 2016. Although this work mirrors the architecture of a bar, within the exhibition at Elika Gallery it operated as an artwork, not to be touched or interacted with and in a sense, never served its primary function as a bar. Where does then an artwork that also serves as a platform for conversation belong? Should it be accessible to the public or should this artwork be stored and protected? Vasilis chooses to communicate his practice by recreating or staging the very environment that serves as a source of reference in his practice. Bars function as a catalyst for conversation and so Vasilis invites the public for a drink and a conversation around ‘Somebody has to do it’ in order to activate the function of this installation.
Vasilis’ work observes and cleverly reinterprets both mainstream and underground Athenian culture, as such meeting points, bars, coffee shops, street races are the microcosms of the city’s social fabric which he draws inspiration from. Lives and works in Athens.